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Best practices of Search Engine Optimization for your needs

Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Keyword “What’s the residual value of my lease" Position #0/Answer Box

  • Keyword “Micro Sites" #3 Site Fresh Micro Sites

  • Keyword “Dealer Micro Sites" #1 Site Fresh Micro Sites

  • Keyword “Visual Supply Chain" #1 Site TradeFox

  • Keyword “ISIC Compliance" #1 Site TradeFox

  • Keyword “Automotive TV Advertising" #2 Site Larry John Wright

  • Keyword “Automotive Radio Advertising" #3 Site Larry John Wright

Here are some areas we focus on so you can rank your pages better:

  • Don’t try to trick the Search Engines. Write for the human to read it and not search engines. Make it conversational and natural. Include the geo location for local seo. Format for content marketing like sub headings, bullet points.
  • PAGE URL: Be conscious where you save the page. Don’t just save every page in the root folder. Be sure to use specific/relevant folders
  • META TITLE: Don’t put the dealership name. Put important keyword phrases & include the City, ST. Keep it under 65 characters or 600 pixel width.
  • META DESCRIPTION: Make it describe your content and be conversational as it is the 2 lines of text in the SERPs. Include the City, ST info to increase the likelihood of getting clicks from local users. Keep it under 160 characters and 920 pixel width.
  • H1 HEADING: It’s the large headline at the top of the page. Make it conversational and summarize the page. Make sure City, ST and target keyword phrase is included.
  • IMAGES: Every image should have an ALT & TITLE  attribute. Include the City, ST also.
  • SITEMAPS: Choose XML & HTML sitemaps so Search Engines can crawl the pages naturally.
  • SCHEMA: The whole point is to communicate better with search engines like Google. When Google understands entities on a deeper level, it serves better results to searchers.
  • Check monthly for broken links when doing your site auditing. Internal and external links.
  • Link building: Use citations to get your site listed and reach out to your local community for link building opportunities Getting links from events you sponsor are free seo.
  • Perform Keyword Research and use “People also ask", “Google Suggestions" and “Searches related to"

So How can we Improve Your SEO

Off Site SEO

Backlink Strategy

Industry experts state that back linking is one of the top SEO ranking factors. One of the best ways to get a link from another site is to ask those business you have partnerships with already. Chambers of Commerce, Sponsorships like school teams or City leagues is another great source of back links. For directories and citations, we will audit your competitors and make sure you are also listed. There are over 600 directories and citations and we will make sure you are listed accurately with consistent Name, Address Phone or (NAP). 

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business is the #1 local SEO ranking factor according to industry experts. This should be your top source of organic traffic if you have setup your GMB with UTM’s correctly. Here your Name, Address & Phone are clearly displayed. You can add photo’s, services, categories, links to menu’s, schedule service, and many more features.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll dive deep into your competitors and industry stats by identifying, comparing and validating your competitor ranking. From there we will select your targeted keywords based on relevancy, search volume and profitability. This Competitive Analysis will help in gaining new back links where your competitors may be listed and you are not. 


Keyword Research

We use Googles keyword planner to help discover what people are searching for in your industry. We will setup your site on Google Search Console if it’s not already. We’ll want to be added to your Google Analytics profile if you have it set up so we can measure our SEO & SEM efforts. We also use auditing tools like SEMrush to see what keywords your competitors are using and how to out rank them. We’ll then update your website with those keywords and write content to help it rank better on Google.

Website Optimization

Once we have a relevant list of keywords to target, we’ll optimize your website. 

We’ll then optimize your website with industry best practices on Meta Title & Meta Descriptions tags. Making sure we are within character limits and pixel widths. We will audit internal linking to make sure your “link juice" is not wasted on unnecessary linking. It is important that best practices are followed and maintained for the customer and search engines. 

Content Creation

Without great content on your website, consumers and search engines will not visit your site. It is also vital to improve your Quality Score in SEM Paid Search Campaigns so it can help lower your Cost Per Click (CPC). Search Engines needs to know that your site is relevant and an Authority to be listed at the top of page 1, and the best way to prove that is with great relevant content.

We will create a schedule of content for either Monthly, Quarterly or Annual plan.

Tracking and Reporting

We will provide tracking reports, Data Studio reports for SEM & SEO that show gains and losses for your relevant target market. We will be transparent as to where your dollars are being spent and focused on your behalf. We use these reports to make adjustments in keywords, geo targeting, cost and many more triggers we can improve. 


When you do SEO right, you get rewarded, and that is the best bragging rights you could ask for.

This video is David asking Google Assistant “What’s the residual value of my lease". The result is a page on that David has ranked on Google in the Answer Box position 0. This also means that it gets Google Assistant responses. This hard work was a combination of great content, technical SEO, FAQ schema mark up and more.

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