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Lazy Loading Images

Here are the resources covered.
Sign into your Google account and copy the custom interactive report
Select your GA account when you copy it over.
Select your store, device, region, date range
Clickable elements to separate by device, landing page, browser, etc.
Top 10 pages, Top 10 Cities, slowest pages, fastest pages
Data Studio Report

Run 3rd part test (click advanced, select mobile iPhone, 4G connection, 3 tests)

Image Testing – run a quick scan of your images for further optimization ideas

Image compression tool, quick and easy. DDC will only accept certain file types, so keep it simple to MOZjpeg)

google site speed reports

Minimize the amount of widgets if possible. Use this simple code on images, youtube embed iframes and other iframes below the fold. loading=”lazy”

chrome is launching native lazy loading with its chrome browser.

The loading attribute supports the following values but we only need lazy:

auto: Default lazy-loading behavior of the browser, which is the same as not including the attribute.
lazy: Defer loading of the resource until it reaches a calculated distance from the viewport.
eager: Load the resource immediately, regardless of where it’s located on the page.

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